Noele Simmons

Noele Simmons

Noele Simmons


The effects of L1 music on memory in SLA

Noele Simmons, MS, is a Senior Instructor for INTO Mason. She has worked for the university since 2015 and is passionate about other cultures and the similarities that join us. She teaches across the programs offered through INTO Mason - AE, INYO, and graduate pathways.

Her career in teaching English to speakers of other languages in higher education spans 20 years and includes teaching as a U.S. State Department English Language Specialist at Erciyes University in Turkey; for Vaughan Systems, Spain, teaching head of industry executives; at the Istituto Americano in Florence, Italy; tutoring policemen, doctors, and engineers. Additionally, she has taught for the U.S. State Department’s English Access Microscholarship Program, and as a primary, middle, and high school ESL teacher.

Noele has worked with GMU’s Office of Academic Integrity as the Faculty Senate Representative to the Academic Integrity Advisory Committee, and on the OAI Honor Committee. She is involved in multiple committees within INTO Mason helping to advance both faculty and student interests, and with the Literacy Council in Loudoun County. She is committed to the philosophy of paying it forward.


MS TESOL, Shenandoah University, Virginia

BA Communications/PR, James Madison University, Virginia