SeoYoung Lee

SeoYoung Lee

SeoYoung Lee

Adjunct Faculty

Speech Communication, Communication, Negotiation, Persuasion, Human Communication, Media Communication, Happiness Communication, New Media, Media Technology, Computer Mediated Communication, Speech Based Interaction, UI/UX, HCI (Human Computer Interaction)

Prof. SeoYoung Lee received her Ph.D. degree at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. Professor Lee has extensive experience in teaching communications and media technology. She was registered in “Marquis Who's Who in the world” and received Marquis Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. She has been working in broadcasting as a TV anchorwoman, MC for TV news programs, and English MC for International Conferences and Events. Her research interests include Media, Speech Communication and HCI, etc. She has published 5 books on Communication. Her papers have been published in KCI journals and SSCI journals.

Selected Publications

  • Voice Interactions with A.I. Agent: Analysis of Domestic and Overseas IT Companies, Journal of the Korea Entertainment Industry Association (JKEIA),2021, KCI, Single Author
  • Platform Leadership Competition in Entertainment Industry: Focusing on Naver Kakao, Journal of the Korea Entertainment Industry Association, 2022, KCI, 1ST Author
  •  Enhancing user experience with a conversational agent for movie recommendation: Effects of self-disclosure and reciprocity, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 2017. SSCI, 1ST Author& Corresponding Author
  • Intention to Subscribe to YouTube Channels: Trust in Creator and Trust in Content, Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems, Scopus, 31 No. 3 (September 2021), 277-295
  • Persuasive Verbal Messages used by Leading International Figures, Journal of 2020, KCI, Single Author
  • Study on Digital Transformation Strategies: Starbucks Case Study, Journal of Digital Contents 2020, KCI, Single Author
  • Creative Industry Digital Transformation Case Study: Market Reorganization Strategy and Platform, Journal of Digital Convergence, 2020, KCI, Corresponding Author
  • Developing an instrument to measure the convergence talent: Building convergence-oriented organizations in South Korea, Knowledge Management Research, KCI,1ST Author
  • A Study on Predicting Presidential Election Results by analyzing Twitter Message Contents: A Focus on the 18th Presidential Election in Korea, Journal of Contents, 2019, KCI,1ST Author
  • “Is Political Support Determined by Emotional or Relational Judgment?” Korea Speech & Communication Association, 2016, KCI, 1ST Author


Grants and Fellowships

Awarded grant from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF-2020S1A5A8041958) for research into “Speech-based interaction with an A.I. Agent’’ Project (2020~2022)