12AffiliationU.S. Congress
Former Member of U.S. Congress

A former member of the United States Congress, Dr. Jay ChangJoon Kim has been part of the public arena for much of his professional life. He served three times in the US House of Representatives and terms as Mayor of the City of Diamond Bar and as a member of that California-based municipality. In addition, he was a member of the National Economic Advisory Council as well as a representative on behalf of President Park in Korea.

Dr. Kim earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil and environmental engineering at University of Southern California and his doctorate in political science at Hanyang University. He also attended graduate classes at California State University’s Graduate School of Public Administration. Prior to entering politics and public service, in 1976 Dr. Kim founded Jay Kim Engineering, listed as being among the 500 largest design firms in California. Between 1976 and 1993, Dr. Kim  served as a planning commissioner for the city of San Dimas, California, and was a registered civil engineer as recognized by the states of California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Washington and Arizona.