19AffiliationIncheon Regional Customs
Director, FTA Coordination Division

Dr. Kim currently serves as Director of Free Trade Agreement Coordination Division at Incheon Regional Customs covering Incheon seaport and Incheon international airport since February, 2016. He is responsible for implementing and enforcing free trade agreements (FTAs) and for helping the regional industries promotion of international trade under FTA program.

Prior to his current position, Dr. Kim served as Consul & Customs Attache at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles from Oct 2012 to Feb 2016 with responsibilities supporting and promoting Korean traders & investors for their business operation in the United States.

He had also served in numerous positions as deputy directors at the Ministry of Finance and Strategy(MOF) in the field of customs policy, negotiations, and legislature. Mr. Kim had participated in FTA negotiations with the United States, the European Union, ASEAN, India, and EFTA in the groups focusing on rules of origin and customs procedures.

Dr. Kim holds a master’s degree in international business from the Asian Institute of Technology. He earned his PhD at Hannam University.