9AffiliationMinistry of Employment and Labor
Assistant Minister of Employment Policy

Jaehung Lee is a recognized expert in the area of employment and labor policy. For over 26 years he has worked in this field. At present, he works as an Assistant Minister of employment policy in the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Republic of Korea. In this capacity, he is responsible for a wide range of national employment and training policies including monitoring the outcome of the Roadmap to 70% Employment Rate. He leads five bureaus and 17 divisions with more than 220 staff members and works with numerous experts and ministries. In particular, he has made an immense contribution to the paradigm shift of the Korean government’s policy from growth-oriented development to an employment–oriented one by playing a leading role in establishing ‘National Employment Strategy (2010)’ and the ‘Roadmap to 70% Employment Rate (2013)’.