21AffiliationGachon University Gil Heart Center
MD & PhD

Dr. Kook-Yang Park spent most of his professional life practicing heart surgeries; coronary artery bypass, mitral valve repair or replacement, and heart transplantations. In 1981 he graduated Seoul Nation University Medical College and finished his residentship in 1986 at National Medical Center. He started his career as surgeon at Sejong General Hospital at Puchon city, well known for pioneering heart surgeries.

In 1996 he moved to Gil Medical Center, where he has been working as a professor and surgeon. He continued his work in the transplantation field and, in 20 Apr. 1997, he successfully performed the first heart-lung transplantation in Korea . He also recorded many important achievements in transplantation fields such as the first cardiomyoplasty, first bloodless heart transplantation, and being the first surgeon who used helicopter to transport harvested heart. He also showed good results in such conventional heart surgeries as mitral valve repair, replacement of artificial valves, coronary artery bypass surgeries.

From 1993-1995, he served as dean of Gachon Medical School, Gachon University.

Dr. Park is the author of “Manual of Postoperative Cardiac Intensive Care” (2012, second edition) and many other books.