BS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

#1-ranked Conflict Program in the US

All students studying in the CAR Program have unique opportunities to:

  • Conduct independent research for credit through the Peace and Conflict Studies Center Asia  (PACSC Asia) and in conjunction with professors and outside scholars
  • Participate in field practice trips and courses at various locations around the world including Eastern Europe and in Asia
  • Learn about problem-solving workshops, mediation, negotiation and facilitation
  • Volunteer to work with and assist diverse stakeholders on issues important to the general public
  • Gain needed work experience through diverse internships with various businesses, government organizations, and NGOs such as the United Nations.
Taein Lee

Taein Lee, 2022

Choosing a major that combines various fields

Taein Lee is a sophomore majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CONF). She enrolled in Mason Korea in Spring 2019 and plan to graduate in 2022.

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