2022 Progress at Play Competition

2022 Progress at Play Competition Image

George Mason University Korea is announcing a call for students for its second annual 2022 Progress at Play Competition!

Submission is free and open to all middle school, high school, and university students in Korea and abroad. Sponsored by NC Soft and Gen G. Global Academy, the Progress at Play Competition seeks to raise public awareness of social issues through computer games and digital art.

❍ Call for submissions: May 16 - July 29, 2022

❍ Eligibility: Open to all middle, high, or university students in Korea and abroad.

❍ Exhibition: August 4 - August 12, 2022 (updated)

❍ Awards Ceremony: Saturday, August 27 (updated) at George Mason University Korea 

❍ Theme: Tackling the Challenges of Tomorrow through game or digital arts

❍ Media Categories: Computer Game, Animation, Comics, Drawing or Illustration

There are no restrictions on the number of entries per individual or team, but each individual or team can only be selected for a maximum of one award.

❍ Use the QR code in the menu to enter!

❍ Prizes

University Section
Middle or High School Section
First Place (1)
1,000,000 won 700,000 won
Second Place (1)
700,000 won 500,000 won
Third Place (1)
500,000 won 300,000 won
Viewer's Choice (3)
300,000 won each   

❍ Questions? 

Phone: 032-626-5027 E-mail: mkdsp@gmu.ed


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