October 8, 2018

Events Management

Welcome to George Mason University’s Korea campus events management hub. You will find links to the following in the navigation on the right (or below if you are on a mobile device):

  1. About – Current page.
  2. Guidelines – Rules and information on venues and vendors for organizing events on campus.
  3. Community Calendar – Calendar listing events open to the Mason community.
  4. Employee Calendar – Calendar for internal events open to employees ONLY.
  5. Employee Forms – Employee-only forms. One form for scheduling events and recognizing visitors, and one form for organizers to submit feedback about their events.
  6. Student Events – The place for students to learn about submitting a student event proposal, providing feedback for a past student event, and everything else related to student events and activities. Maintained by the Office of Student Affairs.

For student event-related questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs. For other questions or concerns regarding Korea campus events management, please do not hesitate to contact us.