MK Continuing Student Covid-19 Support Grant

All continuing students studying on our Korea campus will receive an automatic Covid-19 Relief Grant of up to $1000, to be awarded as a $500 tuition reduction in Fall 2020 and in Spring 2021. To be eligible for this grant, students must have continuing status as of the Fall 2020 semester and be enrolled full time in the semester during which the grant is provided. Students who have been on leaves of absence are eligible as long as they are registered as full time students for the 2020 Fall and/or 2021 Spring semesters. Students who qualify for the grant will automatically receive it and see it reflected in their Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 tuition invoices. No application is required.

The Mason Korea Covid-19 Relief Grant is in addition to whatever scholarship support students are already receiving. Mason Korea students studying on the Fairfax campus are not eligible for this grant.

Students who were enrolled in the MK Way Program in Spring of 2020 are not eligible to receive this grant.