Student Conference Travel Fund


Students may apply for financial support for travel to conferences (or similar events) to present projects or research which was the product of a course taken while a student at GMU Korea. The activity must clearly develop academic or professional skills and be undertaken under the supervision of a faculty member. Research or projects undertaken on an individual basis (outside of classroom work) are not eligible for support.

Check out Program Policy section below for more information. Questions pertaining to the Student Conference Travel Fund and requests for funding should be directed to


Program Policy

Student Eligibility Requirements and Application Process

  • All Mason full-time undergraduates with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible.
  • You must apply at least two months before you are scheduled to depart. You may only make one application per semester.  You must make an appointment with the staff of the Office of Academic Affairs to discuss your plans before preparing a proposal for submission.
  • Proposals for activities that occur after your date of graduation will not be considered.
  • Students who have not been previously funded by this program are given priority.
  • To apply, you must use the approved application format and provide detailed information about the nature of the activity, the course or courses for which the research or project was undertaken, the proposed budget, a plan for fulfilling classroom obligations during your absence, and a plan for disseminating a summary of your trip upon return.
  • If you are awarded, you are required to fulfill your classroom obligations during your absence. You should make all reasonable effort to minimize the interference of this activity with coursework. You must notify faculty of the dates of your absence from class.
  • Travel during the scheduled days of final exams or the first week of class is not permitted. Travel that conflicts with other exams or graded classroom assignments will not be funded without the written approval of the instructors for your courses.
  • If any additional funds are expected from an outside source, you must indicate the source and amount on your application.
  • Students should contact the event organizers to see if there are discounts, scholarships, or volunteer opportunities available for undergraduate participants.
  • Your total proposed budget should not exceed USD 3000.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Student Conference Travel Fund Committee. The committee determines the amount of the award up to the allowable maximum (USD 3000). All decisions are final.


Budgets and Reimbursement

  • Students must pay for all travel expenses up front, and submit receipts and a reimbursement form upon their return. Approved expenses will be reimbursed to the student after they return.
  • If funding is used for international travel, $50 needs to be budgeted for a travel insurance fee.
  • Funding cannot be provided for travel that has already occurred or for expenses that have not been authorized in advance.
  • Please make every effort to reduce expenses (by sharing hotel rooms and transportation costs with other students, for example) so that a larger number of students can be funded.


Upon returning from a funded activity, students must:

  1. Complete a reimbursement request form to initiate reimbursement for your trip. Make sure to update your expenses to match the exact amounts on your receipts. Once completed, please print, sign, and submit a paper copy of the form to the Office of Academic Affairs
  2. Submit all original receipts for registration, lodging, taxi and/or airfare, baggage fees, etc. with your reimbursement Request Form again ensuring that all amounts match.
  3. Submit a report of your research and significant learnings from your experience (no less than 750 words) upon your return. In addition, provide a photograph(s) as proof of your work/ participation. The write-up and photo may be used by GMUK Public Relations for marketing purposes.


Allowable and Non-allowable Expenses

Travel to Conferences

The fund supports travel expsenses to present undergraduate student scholarship at professional events (i.e., conferences, performances, forums, exhibitions). Conference attendance for professional development only (e.g. just attending) is not covered. You must provide evidence of your acceptance to present or actively participate at the event.  The Student Conference Travel Committee may disallow specific expenses in accordance with university guidelines.

Student travel funds can be used to support the following expenses, within reasonable limits to be determined by the review committee:

  • Conference registration fees
  • Air, train, bus, or taxi fare
  • Vehicle rental
  • Fuel (if traveling by personal vehicle)
  • Hotel lodging expenses
  • Meals
  • Travel insurance fee (mandatory for international travel)
  • Other related expenses, at the discretion of the Committee

Student travel funds may not be used to support the following expenses.

  • Travel, lodging, meals and other expenses for personal reasons before, during, or after the scheduled days of the conference
  • Tickets and fees for concerts, tours, sight-seeing or other leisure activities, even if sponsored by the conference organizers
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning
  • Alcohol
  • Telephone service or phone calls
  • Computers, tablets, or other equipment purchases
  • Other expenses, at the discretion of the Committee


Membership of Student Conference Travel Committee

  • 2 faculty representatives: Appointed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for 1 year terms, with one serving as chair
  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, who will serve as vice chair
  • 1 representative from the Office of Academic Affairs
  • 1 representative from the Office of Student Affairs
  • 1 representative from the Office of Admissions & Enrollment