Title Ranges

Role Chart

Education Bachelor Preferred Bachelor required Bachelor required / Master Preferred Bachelor required / Master Preferred
Work Experience
0 years 3 years 7 years 10 years
Prior/Expected Supervisory
No supervisor experience Preferred Staff Supervision Required Staff/Project Supervision Required Staff/Project/Office Supervision
Oversight and Decision-making Low level decision making and high-level of supervision necessary, no expected super- vision of employees. Some decision making, expected to operate with some independence and autonomy, may assist in supervising staff. Significant decision making, needs to be able to work independently, responsible for specific area or functions, and carries out some self-initiated projects, may supervise and assign work to staff.

High level decision making, responsible for several functions or an office head, plans strategy with upper-management, expected to supervise, mentor evaluate staff and delegate work effectively.

To become a director which  is the highest in the level, the position must have direct reports.
English Title Admin-Associate, Specialist, Coordinator Senior added to title Assistant Manager, Associate Manager, Manager Senior Manager, Assistant Director, Associate Director, Director.
Korean Title Dam Dang Dam Dang Team Jang Sil Jang
Typical Reporting
Manager-Level Manager-Level Director level or Executive Director level or Executive

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