June 26, 2017

Versant™ English Placement Test

** Overview

Link to Versant flier: Versant Fall 2017

The Versant™ English Placement Test has been specially designed for English language learners to automatically evaluate speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Using speech processing technology and the advanced science of linguistics, the Versant™ English Placement Test has been used in academic institutions, private language schools, and corporate training programs throughout the world to evaluate the spoken English skills of students or staff.


** The Versant™ English Placement Test is used for proof of language proficiency for entry to George Mason University Korea.

The Versant™ English Placement Test at George Mason University Korea consists of nine sections:

1. Read Aloud Read the passage aloud smoothly and naturally in a clear voice. This is not a speed reading test. You may not be able to finish reading the entire passage, but that is okay.
2. Repeat Repeat each sentence that you hear.
3. Sentence Builds Rearrange the word groups into a sentence.
4. Conversations You will hear a conversation between two people, followed by a question. You will be given a short, simple answer to the question.
5. Typing You will have 60 seconds to type as much as you can. Type quickly and accurately.
6. Sentence Completion Type one word that best fits the meaning of the sentence.
7. Dictation Type each sentence exactly as you hear it. Pay attention to spelling and punctuation.
8. Passage Reconstruction Read a paragraph and then, reconstruct the paragraph in your own words.
9. Summary and Opinion After reading a passage, write a summary and opinion about the passage.

All sections are taken online in George Mason University Korea’s test center. All sections are taken on the computer. All sections have time limits and the instruction will be given by both the proctor and on the computer. Candidates should expect to spend about 50 minutes for the entire test.


** Preparation

Candidates should plan on taking at least a few days to prepare for the placement test. Information about the tests, sample questions, resources for refreshing your skills and test-taking tips are available online:

For more information: https://www.versanttests.com/products/englishPlacement

To see sample questions: https://www.versanttests.com/samples/englishPlacement


** Outcomes

Test outcomes and individual feedback will be available to students within two working days.

According to the candidate’s overall score there are three possible outcomes:

  • Direct entry admission level to George Mason University Korea. Fall semester begins August 28
  • Patriot Plus Program level admission to George Mason University Korea. Begins August 28
    • Students receive English language support while studying academic credit during first year.
    • Upon successful completion of Patriot Plus Program, students matriculate directly into second year.
  • Admission denied. Score does not meet George Mason University Korea’s minimum requirements.


** Final Admission status will be determined after review of the candidate’s test scores and complete academic record.


** Dates and Registration

  • Tuesdays or Fridays at 10am – begins July 18, and continues through August 18, 2017.


** Summer 2017 Test Dates

[Each test permits up to 20 test takers]

July August
July 18, Tuesday August 1, Friday
July 28, Friday August 8, Tuesday (TBD)
August 11, Friday
August 18, Friday


** Test Coordination

The Versant test will be coordinated by the Office of Admissions and Enrollment, George Mason University Korea. Test outcomes can only be used for admission and placement into George Mason University Korea. Test results of the Summer 2017 testing can be used for the 2017 Fall and 2018 Spring application process. For further information regarding application and admission processes, please contact the Office of Admissions and Enrollment (032-626-5021, askmk@gmu.edu).


** Directions to George Mason University Korea

  • Welcome Lounge #526 George Mason University Korea Building, Incheon Global Campus

119 Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon

  • 인천광역시연수구송도문화로 119 인천글로벌캠퍼스한국조지메이슨대학교건물526호, Welcome Lounge