Stuck on you: From kindergarten to college

Stuck on you: From kindergarten to college

Amaris and her brother, Kornell, have been attending the same school since kindergarten. Now, they will be attending college together at George Mason University Korea.

Amaris entered as a Global Affairs major in Spring 2019. She has had a great year so far and is making the most of college. She reflects, “My experience at Mason Korea has been wonderful. The smaller campus and class sizes have made it easy for me to adjust to college life.”

However, she was surprised to hear that she would soon be joined by her younger brother. “Honestly, I wasn’t too pleased when I heard the news,” she said. “College was supposed to be my breakaway. I guess we just couldn’t break from tradition.”

She still seems excited for him to join her on campus, offering to help him through the application process and giving him advice on everything she has learned from her time here. According to Kornell, she has been telling him about “how the classes are conducted, how awesome the sporting events at Mason are and how the campus culture is.”

Kornell will be entering Spring semester of next year and is planning to major in Conflict Analysis while he is at Mason Korea and then pursue Cybersecurity Engineering when he moves to the Fairfax campus. When asked why he chose George Mason, Kornell answered, “While still living in Virginia, my family and I visited the George Mason University Campus in Fairfax and I found out they had several majors I was interested in.” He added, “It’s comforting to know that even though I’ll be away from home, I’ll still have something and someone familiar as I navigate college life.”

Kornell’s dream is to eventually pursue a career in cyber law and policy-making and he is excited to explore his interests at George Mason. He says, “As a Patriot, I’m looking forward to engaging in campus events and furthering my knowledge through the classes taught at George Mason.”

Amaris has a few words of wisdom for her brother: “Remember, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Visit the tutoring center and go to office hours. Asking for help is a sign of growth, not weakness. If you get stuck, I’m always a text away.” Kornell also left a playful comment for his sister: “I’ll definitely try to stay out of your hair and not annoy you or your friends…too much.”

It is great to see siblings attend George Mason together and support one another. Best of luck to Amaris and Kornell!