• Jennifer Algarotti

    Jennifer Algarotti


    Environmental Sustainability, History of Environmentalism, Cultural Studies

  • Jennifer Ashley

    Jennifer Ashley

    Assistant Professor

    Digital media, television, news media, melodrama, parody, science and technology studies, Political subjectivity, politics of affect, democratic transition, social movements, human rights, memory, urban studies, Latin America



  • Jiye Chang

    Jiye Chang

    Director, Academic Affairs

  • Hyunyoung Cho

    Hyunyoung Cho

    Assistant Professor

    Early Modern British Literature and Culture; International Education and Student Mobility

  • Mihee Cho

    Mihee Cho

    Senior Student Life Coordinator

  • Jeannie Choi

    Jeannie Choi

    Manager, Government Relations

  • Kelley E. Chung

    Kelley E. Chung

    Associate Dean, Admissions and Enrollment Management

  • John T. Crist

    John T. Crist

    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

    Sociology, social movements, conflict analysis and resolution, protest policing, global higher education, global research development, international branch campuses



  • Douglas Eyman

    Douglas Eyman

    Associate Professor

    Classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric, digital scholarship and electronic publication, web authoring and design, technical and scientific writing


  • Syed Jamal Haider

    Syed Jamal Haider

    Associate Professor

    Management and Leadership

  • Gail Dallas Hook

    Gail Dallas Hook


    British Empire; modern Mediterranean

  • Wonki Hwangbo

    Wonki Hwangbo

    Associate Director, Human Resources

  • Katherine Hyatt Hawkins

    Katherine Hyatt Hawkins

    Graduate Lecturer

    Health communication; health identity; health decisions; vaccine communication; cancer communication; instructional communication; small group communication


  • Janet Jang

    Janet Jang

    Director, Finance & Planning

  • Veronica Sohwi Jeong

    Veronica Sohwi Jeong

    Admissions Counselor

  • Jang C. Jin

    Jang C. Jin


    East Asian Economies, Economics of Education

  • Yingji Jin

    Yingji Jin

    Assistant Professor

    Chinese language, culture, literature, Cross-lingual research between Chinese and Korean, Asian American literature

  • Lea Joo

    Lea Joo

    Student Accounts and Fiscal Coordinator

  • Yonkyoo (Julie) Joo

    Yonkyoo (Julie) Joo

    Administrative Assistant

  • June Mee Jung

    June Mee Jung

    Manager, Admissions and Enrollment

  • Leo Jung

    Leo Jung

    Associate Professor

    Artificial Intelligence in Management and Marketing


  • Anna Katsantonis

    Anna Katsantonis

    Assistant Professor

    Sustainability in corporate and project finance

  • Jason Kifer

    Jason Kifer


    Academic Writing; English as a Second Language; English Literature

  • Chul Kim

    Chul Kim

    Associate Professor

    Cryptography, Evaluation Modelling, Blockchain with its applications, Mathematical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

  • Dohoon Kim

    Dohoon Kim

    Admissions Counselor

  • Doug Kim

    Doug Kim

    Manager, Public Relations and Communications

  • HeeTae Kim

    HeeTae Kim

    Manager, Facilities Management

  • HyunJung Kim

    HyunJung Kim

    Event Coordinator

  • Jun Kim

    Jun Kim

    Manager, Human Resources

  • Lester R. Kurtz

    Lester R. Kurtz


    Nonviolent social movements, Gandhi, sociology of religion

  • Conny Han Kwak

    Conny Han Kwak

    Interim Manager, Executive Office

  • Soyoung Kwon

    Soyoung Kwon

    Assistant Professor

    Comparative Politics, Peace and Security in Northeast Asia, North Korea, Public (sport) Diplomacy


  • Eric Lee

    Eric Lee

    Associate Director, Information Technology Services

  • Eunmee Lee

    Eunmee Lee

    Director, Academic Resource Center

    She seriously looks into the language and identity issues among English language learners, and she tries to find ways to empower ELLs through using communicative problem solving tasks.

  • Grace H Lee

    Grace H Lee

    Mason Korea - Mason US Coordinator

  • Gyu Tag Lee

    Gyu Tag Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Cultural Studies, Media Criticism, Music Industry, Music Criticism, History of American Popular Music, K-Pop, Hallyu, Media and Society, etc.

  • Hyang Lee

    Hyang Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Language assessment, Task-based language teaching, Teaching pronunciation

  • Jan Lee

    Jan Lee

    Counselor and Wellness Officer

  • Jenny Jung-Wha Lee

    Jenny Jung-Wha Lee

    Associate Professor

  • Jongdoo Lee

    Jongdoo Lee

    Assistant Professor

  • Keira Yul Hee Lee

    Keira Yul Hee Lee

    Senior Faculty Support and Administrative Coordinator

  • Sangyong Lee

    Sangyong Lee

    Associate Director, Student Services and Career Development Center

  • Hyojeong Lim

    Hyojeong Lim

    Finance Manager



  • Vias C Nicolaides

    Vias C Nicolaides

    Assistant Professor

    Leadership, Team dynamics, Employee attendance behaviors, Research methodology, Meta-analysis, Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling, Data Science



  • Elizabeth Quillin

    Elizabeth Quillin


    Language Development; Community in the ESOL Classroom;


  • Paul Philippe Razafinjatovo

    Paul Philippe Razafinjatovo

    Adjunct Faculty

    Marine spatial planning, marine policy, blue economy.

  • Arthur Romano

    Arthur Romano

    Assistant Professor

    Violence Prevention, Conflict Resolution Education and Training, Multi-Cultural Education, Diversity Training, Experiential Education

  • ChangGyo Ryu

    ChangGyo Ryu


    Chinese classics, Aesthetics, Chinese classical literature, Humanity, Mind, Life, Language Teaching, Teaching Methods


  • Crystal Seo

    Crystal Seo

    Manager, Executive Office (on leave)

  • Eunhee Seo

    Eunhee Seo

    Assistant Professor

    SFL-based Second Language (L2) writing pedagogy, discourse analysis, and teacher education

  • Gloria Seo

    Gloria Seo

    Academic and Advising Support Coordinator

  • Seunga Seo

    Seunga Seo

    Academic Advisor

  • Heung Gweon Sin

    Heung Gweon Sin

    Assistant Professor

    Simulation, supply chain management, intelligent transportation system, and transportation modelling

  • Alicia Junghyun Suh

    Alicia Junghyun Suh

    Project Manager

  • Jae Hee Suh

    Jae Hee Suh

    External Affairs Coordinator

  • Hongmei Sun

    Hongmei Sun

    Associate Professor

    modern Chinese literature and culture, Chinese myth and folklore, cross-cultural Traditional Chinese medicine, comparative literature, translation studies


  • Keanah Turner

    Keanah Turner

    Graduate Lecturer

    Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. Environmental Assessments. Sustainability. Examining the Role of Federalism and Collaborative Governance in Local Management of Public Programs.



  • George Whelan

    George Whelan

    Assistant Professor

    Characteristic p Methods in Commutative Algebra

  • Roland B Wilson

    Roland B Wilson

    Assistant Professor

    Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Security, Conflict Resolution and Mediation

  • Alice Wrigglesworth

    Alice Wrigglesworth

    Assistant Professor

    Culture and Learning; Learning Environments; Writing Instruction


  • Andrea K Zach

    Andrea K Zach

    Assistant Professor

    Political economy, German contemporary films, critical theory, immigration, theories of nationalism & citizenship.

  • Kent Zimmerman

    Kent Zimmerman

    Director for Student Success & Deputy Title IX Coordinator