Why Mason Korea?


Ideal Location

Strategically located 25 miles from Seoul and a 20-minute shuttle ride from Korea’s award-winning international airport.

Localized International Collaboration

Encourages students to interact and build networks with not only George Mason University, but also with students from other top universities at the Incheon Global Campus and other neighboring schools in Songdo.

Mason Experience

Apart from studying in Korea, students get to study for two semesters at the Fairfax, Virginia home campus, located minutes away from the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C.

Unparalleled Education

Provides quality education through diverse academic environments and interactions with world-class faculty. Mason’s faculty is comprised of renowned global leaders and experts, including former executives, Nobel Prize winners, and many more.

Global Networking

Learning within close proximity to the capitals of two vibrant nations, students have unlimited international networking opportunities that truly span the globe.