BA in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

#1 Among U.S. Universities

The world is becoming increasingly connected and the ability to create and maintain cross-cultural connections is more important than ever. As the effects of violence and conflict are felt throughout the global community, we are seeing more and more opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, and peacebuilding in local communities and across international barriers. To prepare our students to make cross-cultural connections, Bachelor’s of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Resolution students must demonstrate intermediate level proficiency in a foreign language.

Analytical skills and techniques are critical to solving the world’s toughest problems. In order to solve conflict we must first understand it. Critical thinking and research skills are the focus of our Bachelor of Science program and are in demand by employers of all sectors. Students pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution develop research skills and have the opportunity to gain experience designing surveys, conducting interviews, analyzing statistics, and organizing data.


All students have opportunities to

  • conduct independent research
  • engage in globally-related activities through coursework and language study at Mason and abroad
  • participate in many forms of public service
  • prepare for their future careers through internships, career-focused minors and other college-to-career activities