In addition to other campus services and resources, GMU Korea provides a competitive benefits package that includes insurance and leave.

Medical Plan
GMU Korea will provide a comprehensive medical plan provided by the Korean National Health Insurance Service. The employee and the employer will each contribute 50% to this plan.

National Pension
Per Korean law, employees will contribute a percentage (approximately 4.5%) of their salary to the Korean pension system. This amount is also matched by the employer (approximately 9% of monthly salary). The employee is eligible to withdraw his or her pension when leaving the country.

Severance Pay
The employee will accrue an amount equal to 8% of each monthly base salary as severance pay. The employee must be employed by GMU Korea at least one full employment year to be eligible to receive a severance payout. Severance is paid at the end of each contract period (equivalent to an additional one month’s salary per year).

Personal Leave
Employees can use one day of leave for every full month worked during their first year. Once an employee has worked for 80% of his/her first full year, s/he is entitled to use 15 days of annual leave the following year.

Sick Leave
GMU Korea provides five sick days per year for personal illness or immediate family care. If a sickness or injury is job related, the National Industrial Accident Insurance Compensation Act will apply. There is no reimbursement for unused sick leave.

Housing Provided (For Overseas Faculty)
A private, rent-free, furnished apartment is provided for overseas faculty. Types of housing include 1- to 3-bedroom apartments within 5 to 20 minute walking distance from campus.

Professional Development
GMU Korea supports employees' professional development. Professional development must be related to employees' enhancement of skills necessary for success in present or future positions.

Work-Life Balance
GMU Korea strives to offer flexible working arrangements that allow employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities.

Sports Facilities
A variety of modern sports facilities are available right at our doorstep, offering a great range of health and fitness activities as well as exclusive membership deals for faculty and staff.

Distinguished Speaker Series
GMU Korea offers a distinguished speaker series for our employees to stay informed and educated on a broad range of subjects.

The campus auditorium hosts events related to arts, music, and theater.