BA in Global Affairs

Global Study, Global Leadership

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Mason’s Global Affairs degree is for students who are interested in the cultural, political, economic, and ecological dimensions of globalization.  Coursework in the program examines the role of international and local-level actors in these processes and the different ways globalization is experienced across the world. 

Global Affairs students gain a sophisticated understanding of issues such as climate change, pandemics, refugee crises, global media, international trade, transnational crime, and the work of international organizations. The program is interdisciplinary and core courses in the major are drawn from fields like economics, government, cultural studies, and environmental policy, providing the foundation for this understanding. 

All Global Affairs students also choose a thematic concentration (e.g. Global Governance or Media, Communication & Culture) or a regional one (e.g. Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America) to tailor their degree to their interests and career goals. Our graduates pursue global careers in a variety of fields, including climate change communication, international security and intelligence, global health, international development, law, business, and media.

Mason Korea Global Affairs students do not just study globalization, they live it. Students divide their time between Song-do and Fairfax. The proximity of our two campuses to two capitals and global centers home to important international organizations such as the Green Climate Fund, the World Bank, IMF, and many NGOs, think tanks, media organizations, and international companies create unique opportunities.



All students have opportunities to:

  • Conduct research with a faculty member and apply for research funds
  • Develop valuable job skills by volunteering or interning 
  • Gain expertise in over twenty different global languages through coursework in Fairfax
  • Participate in a short-term study abroad program 

Students may also apply for one of the following specialized programs by contacting their GLOA advisor early in the semester before transitioning to Fairfax:

  • Honors in the Major program, where you plan and conduct extensive independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. Read more >>
  • Arlington Fellows programs, including Global Politics Fellows, Media & Democracy Fellows, and Global Health Fellows. Arlington Fellows take a customized mix of coursework and internship and gain professionalization skills. Read more>>  



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