Program Overview


·   This program aims to assist current students with building career and professional skills, with the help of a mentorship team composed of George Mason University graduates, to enable them to achieve success after graduation.

·    Participating mentees will be matched with mentors who have succeeded in their respective industries of interest.

·    Mentees will connect with mentors to learn about their experiences at George Mason University and in their careers.

·    Mentoring sessions will take place on a monthly basis (subject to change based on the situation and it will be notified in advance).

·     Participating mentors will share their post-graduation journeys with mentees.

·     They will engage with current students to learn about their experiences.

·     Sessions will be conducted in-person or online on a monthly basis. 


Overall Program Schedule: 

·     Alumni mentorship mentee recruitment period: 8/30 - 9/15

·     1st Alumni Mentorship Program Begins: Starting from September, as agreed upon between mentors and mentees.

·     Conclusion of the 1st Alumni Mentorship Program: 1st to 2nd week of December (before the vacation period, but extension maybe possible upon mutual agreement between Mentor/Mentee).


Registering Process: 

·     Students interested in participating should apply through a Google Form.

·     Applicants will receive communication from selected mentors around mid-September.

·     Mentors will coordinate mentoring session schedules and locations with mentees.


For inquiries, please contact Hansol Kim, Community Relations Coordinator, at


Google Form: