Program Overview

Ø Overview

·         This program aims to assist current students with building career and professional skills, with the help of a mentorship team composed of George Mason University graduates, to enable them to achieve success after graduation.

·         Participating mentees will be matched with mentors who have succeeded in their respective industries of interest.

·         Mentees will connect with mentors to learn about their experiences at George Mason University and in their careers.

·         Mentoring sessions will take place on a monthly basis (subject to change based on the situation and it will be notified in advance).

·         Participating mentors will share their post-graduation journeys with mentees.

·         They will engage with current students to learn about their experiences.

·         Sessions will be conducted online or in-person on a monthly basis. 


Ø  Program Schedule

·           Period: March – June (On a monthly basis, but negotiable depending on the mentors' schedules)

·           Venue: Online (Zoom or Teams) / The location will be determined based on the mentors' requests


Ø Mentoring Process

·         All mentees are required to participate in the orientation program during the week of March 18th

·         It can vary based on negotiations between mentors and mentees


Ø Mentee Guidelines

1.      Mentees are expected to actively engage in the program

2.      Mentees should promptly respond to mentors' questions or requests for scheduling meetings

3.      If a mentee needs to withdraw from the program, they should notify both their mentors and the program coordinator (Hansol Kim, in advance

4.      Failure to adhere to the above guidelines may result in disqualification from participation in any future programs conducted by DSP and CDC.


Ø Inquiries

·         Contact Hansol Kim, Community Relations Coordinator, at, if you have inquiries