Checklist Before Coming to GMU Korea

The Office of Human Resources is dedicated to support faculty relocating from overseas. Here are some items to consider before your departure:

Departure Checklist

  • Check health and other insurance coverage for you, your spouse, and other dependents. Please refer to the “Compensation” section.
  • Review income tax policies in South Korea. Please refer to “Compensation” section.
  • After finalizing the employment contract, ensure a signed copy is sent to your supervisor and the Office of Human Resources.
  • Read the guidelines and prepare documents for your visa issuance confirmation number.
  • Apply for the pertinent visa at your local South Korean Embassy.
  • Send a copy of your issued visa to Office of Human Resources.
  • Arrange temporary or permanent housing either on your own or through campus housing.
  • Estimate the cost and arrange airfares and shipping.
  • Prepare GMU Korea’s contact information and visa documents for entry into South Korea.
  • Arrange or plan airport pick-up to your determined lodging before arrival.