Tuition General Information and Policies

A college degree is one of the most valuable investments you can make, not only in your education but also in helping you to obtain a promising career and future.

As one of the best values in education, Mason provides you with an affordable and wise college choice, academic quality, opportunities for top-tier internships, and career networking that will assist you upon graduation.


General Rules


Cost per Semester

Please be aware that many of the costs below are estimates and may vary per person, and do not factor a scholarship award into consideration.

Airfare* USD 1,450
Books USD 600
Personal Expenses USD 1,000
Room and Board** USD 2,500
Tuition*** USD 10,000
 Total USD 15,550

*Airfare is based off of one round-trip ticket between Washington, D.C., and Incheon.

**Room and board is based off of a 17-week double-housing and KRW 15,000 food budget per day for 17 weeks.

***The tuition cost is based on a full-time course load (i.e., 12 to 16 credits).


Semesters in Fairfax

Our students are expected to attend two semesters at the main campus in Fairfax, Virginia. Details about current Fairfax tuition and housing rates may be viewed here: Paying for College. A breakdown of estimated costs for one semester is available in the table below.

Airfare* USD 1,450
Books** USD 600
Personal Expenses** USD 1,165
Room and Board** USD 6,315
Tuition** USD 17,961
 Total USD 27,491

*Airfare is based off of one round-trip ticket between Washington, D.C., and Incheon.

**Numbers based on Fairfax estimates available here: Paying for College.

-Fairfax Actual Tuition Rate: Available Here


VA In-State Rate

If you're classified as an actual Virginia Resident, in-state rates will automatically be applied. The actual rate is available on this link: VA Residents Rate.

  • Virginia residents pay VA in-state rate and the differential amount from Mason Korea's rate of $10,000 is discounted as a VA In-State scholarship. 
  • You must combine ‘In-State Tuition’ and ‘Mandatory Student Fee’ when calculating your total in-state tuition rate.


Payment via Virtual Account

Wire transfer information is included on individual student tuition invoices and invoices are issued by MK Student Accounts at GMU Korea. Tuition invoices are generated and sent to students via Mason Live email. Payment options through the US campus are not available. 


Payment via Flywire(International only)

George Mason University Korea has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process, allowing you to pay online from any country using any bank in your home currency. You may choose payment methods such as wire transfer, credit card, etc. Korea campus tuition invoices will be generated and sent to students via Mason Live email.

*The Korea campus does not allow you to state the amounts on Flywire.

*Please notify us in case you want to make a payment with Flywire.

*Cancellation: If it has been less than 2 working days since you made a payment via Flywire, please contact Flywire to cancel your payment. If it has been over 2 working days, please contact


Flywire Guide (International only)


Payment Policies

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