Faculty Information Booklet

Faculty Information Booklet Image

The Faculty Information Booklet is designed to help new incoming faculty members make the most of their time at Mason Korea. It provides general guidelines and specific information about many different aspects of working at Mason Korea and living in Songdo. This includes:

  • What to Expect Before & Upon Arrival
  • Getting Started & Working on Campus
  • Community Life
  • Health & Medical Information

In the appendix, there is useful information regarding internal work policies and procedures, such as MK’s travel policy, supply request forms and process, and textbook purchase guidelines. It also contains tips on matters like making housing maintenance requests and useful smartphone applications during your stay in Korea.

For more questions, please contact Faculty Affairs at mkfa@gmu.edu.


Please click on the link below to download the booklet.

Faculty Information Booklet

Faculty Information Booklet_Appendix