[Meet a student] Taewoo Kim

[Meet a student] Taewoo Kim

1. Why did you choose your major and how did Mason help you?

Hi, my name is Taewoo Kim and I am a Computer Game Design major. I chose this major because it provides the core education for self-improvement. I was attracted to the artistic and creative development as well as the professional programming skills that I could home through the Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum.

Before choosing this major, I had experience with the Business Economics (BA) major and Environmental Design (BA) major. These majors mainly focus on philosophical education, so they aren't that helpful unless you go into a related professional field. In the case of CGD, on the other hand, you can develop your own artistic value by taking art classes and computer programming classes, and learn the basics of programming, which is very helpful for self-improvement and can be used practically in any industry in the future.

I was able to cultivate my creativity by taking various art classes at Mason Korea and I will be learning computer programming, which is the core technology of modern society, by taking computer game design classes in upcoming semesters. Mason Korea helped me by providing lots of opportunities to learn various skills and complete my major courses. Through various conversations and meetings with my art professor and game design professor, I was able to build close relationships with them. They are always proactive and passionate, and are quick to give helpful feedback to all students.

2. What is something you leaned in a computer game design class that really surprised you and/ or changed your perspective?

I was amazed that the CGD major not only offers various programming classes, but also classes on creating software related to music and video. Through types of classes enhanced my artistic skills as well as simple coding.

Art major classes offered at Korean universities are not really helpful for getting a job, but the Bachelor of Fine Arts allows one to learn art and computer skills, which are useful for landing a job.

I think the greatest advantage of the CGD program is that it helps you develop an artistic mind that is essential for marketing, which is the backbone of modern business. The importance of learning basic computer programming has already been proven in various industries. I would like to thank Mason Korea for providing a more meaningful college life through professors, classmates, and programs.