[Meet a student] Tae-in Lee

[Meet a student] Tae-in Lee

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Taein Lee and I am a sophomore majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CONF). I enrolled in Mason Korea in Spring 2019 and plan to graduate in 2022.

2. How did you decide on the Conflict Analysis and Resolution major?

Conflict is everywhere in a variety of forms including social, personal, regional, and global. I was particularly interested in personal conflicts, crime, and copyright disputes. To analyze these conflicts, I realized I had to learn their historical and regional backgrounds. Therefore, I chose a unique major that combines global affairs, psychology, philosophy, and history. As expected, I was satisfied with my first CONF 101 class that I took in my first semester.

3. What has been the most memorable experience in terms of your major so far?

I worked as a representative assistant for my major in Fall 2019. I designed posters and invitations for CONF events such as the Global Conflict Resolution Series symposium. This process allowed me to share my ideas with professors and fellow students on how we can effectively execute and promote our events. Also, I learned how to be a team player by communicating and collaborating with others. Mason Korea offers many other similar opportunities to experiment with one's social and team-building abilities such as volunteer opportunities, internships, and student leadership activities (Peer Advisor, Resident Advisor, and Chingu Program).

4. What is your dream in this field of study?

I am still interested in personal conflicts, so I am planning to minor in criminology and gain more professional knowledge in crime analysis. I am really looking forward to the natural science courses that I will be taking for my B.S. degree in Fairfax next year. Rather than specifying a future job, I want to challenge the vocational groups in various fields by capitalizing on the characteristics of my major. Therefore, I dream of working in a global realm at organizations or government agencies related to international crimes.

5. Any final words for future CONF students?

If you are someone interested in various fields, the CONF major will interest you. I think it will be beneficial to choose CONF not only to learn about conflicts, but also to gain basic knowledge in various similar fields like me. Also, participating in the wide range of CONF events and student worker opportunities hosted by the Peace and Conflict Studies Center (PACSC) will help you establish your dreams. Welcome new Patriots!