Town Hall meeting with the President

Town Hall meeting with the President

Mason Korea held a virtual town hall on September 17 with Mason’s president, Dr. Gregory Washington, which was the new president’s first meeting with the broader Mason Korea community.

“I’m very familiar with Korea. I spent lots of time in Korea back in the day when I was in the US military, where I was stationed right outside of Seoul at Camp Humphreys. It’s a beautiful place,” Dr. Washington shared as he greeted the community. “When I saw that Mason had a campus in Korea, I was just blown away.”

While we regrettably could not meet face-to-face this time due to the pandemic, some 80 students, faculty, and staff members enjoyed an hour-long online discussion with the president on various aspects surrounding his vision for the Korea campus.

“I’d love to see Mason Korea expand,” said Dr. Washington with much enthusiasm. “If you look at how Korea has positioned itself internationally as a global tech powerhouse, there are clear opportunities there to bring in other majors to expand the campus. I’m looking forward to making the campus grow much bigger and more substantial than what it is now.” The president emphasized bringing in more degree programs that leverage Mason’s academic strengths and align with future human capital needs in Korea and Asia more broadly.

Dr. Washington also spoke about exciting ways to connect both campuses such as faculty and staff exchange programs as well as bringing Doc Nix and the Green Machines with him on his visit to Mason Korea among other ideas that ensure the Mason spirit continues to shine as brightly in Korea as it does at the Fairfax campus. “However, my goal is not to make the campus exactly like Mason in Fairfax. I want to make it Mason in Korea,” he said, adding, “There are some unique aspects of Korea that we want to maintain and enhance, that would not be present in Fairfax.”

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Dr. Washington also welcomed input from his leadership team on other relevant topics such as Provost Mark Ginsberg who spoke on the topic of academic course expansion and diversification, Chief of Staff Dr. Kenneth Walsh who spoke on the topic of the bookstore and Vice President Pascarell who gave her thoughts on how student engagement can be enhanced across both campuses.

Dr. Washington shared his vision and commitment to global expansion and how Mason Korea has set the stage as a hub for Asia and a model for how Mason could establish other global campuses in other parts of Asia or around the world in the future. He stated, “The world is increasingly global and it is important that Mason prepares our students with the right skills to thrive in the future.”

"The town hall is not a one-time deal, there will certainly be more conversations,” said Dr. Washington.  “We are committed to working on plausible options to some of the issues identified today and help the Mason Korea campus succeed.”

To watch the full town hall meeting, please visit the link below using the pass-code below.
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