Enter a writing competition and win a scholarship

Enter a writing competition and win a scholarship

Mason Korea holds a research writing competition and workshops for freshman and third-semester (sophomore) PPP students each semester. We spoke with Professors Alice Wrigglesworth and Jason Kifer who lead the program to find out why Mason Korea students should join the program and develop their writing skills.

“English writing is obviously incredibly important for all university students,” says Professor Kifer. “Not only do these workshops help students successfully pass their writing courses required for graduation, but they help students interact in many written forms and genres not only throughout university classes, but further into the working world as well.”

“Being able to function (reading, writing, speaking, presenting, etc.) in English using a more formal, academic tone is an important skill for students to develop during their time at GMUK,” he added.

Prof. Kifer & Wrigglesworth

To enter the competition, students have to write a 1500-word scholarly research paper comprising synthesized research. Students are required to submit their papers via email to Professor Alice Wrigglesworth by Nov. 23. A panel of judges will review and rank the papers. Ten finalists then attend a Q&A session where the same judges ask questions about their research and writing process. The first place winner will receive a KRW 500,000 won scholarship towards their Spring 2021 tuition. There are generous tuition prizes for second and third place as well.

To support this competition, two workshops will be held this semester on October 21 and November 2. The first is about the use of academic language and tone in writing. The second will be on citing sources using APA (American Psychological Association) format. Students often struggle with the specifics of in-text and end-of-text citations, and the workshop aims to help with that.

Professor Wrigglesworth stated that she sees remarkable development in her students’ writing within a semester. “I believe this doesn’t just come from the workshops or even the composition courses alone, but as a result of being at a U.S. university where students have to read, write, and engage prolifically in English overall.” 

“I agree with Alice completely here,” said Professor Kifer, adding, “When I compare some of the first writing that students submit early in the semester with writing that they submit at the end of the semester, the difference is like night and day.”


Professor Wrigglesworth strongly recommends students to take every opportunity to use English writing skills and improve them. “Make sure to attend the workshops and enter the competition. If nothing else, you’ll benefit from the engagement and experience.”

You have absolutely nothing to lose by entering your paper into the competition. “The best thing that can happen is that you end up winning the entire competition and getting a nice chunk of scholarship money,” said Professor Kifer, adding, “There's no reason not to enter—just do it! The workshops can help you with areas that you're struggling with in your writing, and the competition can be a great way to showcase all that you've been learning in your first-year writing course.”

alice  jason

* Professor Alice Wrigglesworth (left) and Professor Jason Kifer

Any Mason Korea freshman and third-semester (sophomore) PPP student can apply regardless of major. Submissions for the competition should be emailed to Professor Alice Wrigglesworth (awriggle@gmu.edu) by Monday, November 23.

To join the first online workshop by Professor Jason Kifer, please log into the link here on Oct. 21 from 12-1pm.