Ten New Strategic Diplomatic Partnerships Signed in 2020

Working with Embassies from Around the World

Ten New Strategic Diplomatic Partnerships Signed in 2020

This year, Mason Korea held ten signing ceremonies with ambassadors from various embassies in Korea. The signings mark agreements between those embassies and Mason Korea to facilitate attendance at Mason Korea by students from the countries represented by those embassies.

The agreements specify that the embassies will inform prospective students in their home countries about Mason Korea and the opportunities it affords. In turn, Mason Korea agrees to facilitate the application of these students and to offer special scholarships.

Mason Korea Chief Business Officer, Gbemi Disu has spearheaded the program. She says; “The Strategic Diplomatic Partnership program aligns with Mason’s commitment to global excellence. Our connections with these embassies enable us to expand our access to highly qualified and diverse students. It also offers other benefits such as internship opportunities at the embassies for our students, diplomatic speakers for our distinguished lecture series and many other forms of educational collaboration. We look forward to engaging with even more embassy partners in the future.”

The four agreements signed this fall follow on another six signed in the spring, bringing the total number to ten. Mason Korea has agreements so far with the following countries: Sierra Leone, Czech Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, Honduras, Ecuador, Ghana, Iraq, Gabon, and Bangladesh.

See some of the ceremonies and learn more about this program: