Mason Korea Students Get Published in Leading English Newspaper

Mason Korea Students Get Published in Leading English Newspaper

“Working at the Korea JoongAng Daily helped me to understand the world of journalism,” said Saeyeon Kwon (Senior, Global Affairs) who recently completed her internship with the Korea Joongang Daily.

Last month, five Mason Korea students participated in the Field Experience Program at the Korea Joongang Daily, the English edition of Korea's leading daily newspaper, the JoongAng Ilbo, and also a publishing partner of the New York Times. This program was an exclusive joint collaboration between our Career Development Center and Office of Admissions and Enrollment to provide Mason Korea students a chance to acquire hands-on experience in journalism, media, and marketing.

Our students had a chance to meet respected reporters and editors at the Korea Joongang Daily who provided practical training including lectures, editorial meetings, and coaching sessions. The program culminated in our students’ articles being published in the daily newspaper earlier this month.

Below are the full testimonials of two of the program participants.

Saeyeon Kwon

Senior, Global Affairs

pic“As a Global Affairs major, I have been always interested in global media, especially the power of media during this time of the pandemic. Throughout my college life, I have participated in Asian Boss NEXT, a student-run YouTube channel that creates social issue videos, but I have never taken part in writing an actual newspaper article. I wanted to learn how to write an effective newspaper article and develop my written journalism skills.

Since it was my first time publishing an official newspaper article, every procedure was very interesting but quite unfamiliar for me at the same time. The writing style was totally different from that of writing essays and theses. The biggest challenge was to make sure that anyone reading the article without sufficient knowledge on the topic should be able to understand it after only reading a couple of sentences. Moreover, fact checking using original sources was crucial.

Working at the Korea JoongAng Daily helped me to understand the world of journalism through lectures by current reporters and having the chance to develop practical journalism skills through writing an article that was eventually published in an actual newspaper. I strongly recommend all Mason Korea students to participate in this program as I experienced that strong writing skills and the ability to collect credible, useful information are not only important for academics, but also for your future career as well.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Korea JoongAng Daily and Mason Korea's Career Development Center and Office of Admissions for providing me this great opportunity.”

Haseung Madeline Joung

Senior, Global Affairs

pic“Participating in the Korea JoongAng Daily Journalism Internship program was a unique and valuable experience. We briefly discussed what topics we'd like to work on during the orientation and I suggested working on a piece researching the job market for post-grads during the COVID-19 pandemic. Two other students had similar topic ideas (related to university students and COVID-19), so the three of us ended up working on this article together. 

I've reported and written news articles before, but this was my first time writing a piece with three reporters. It was an invaluable experience because I learned a lot about teamwork and how to efficiently divide research and reporting while on a tight deadline. It was also nice to have a short Zoom meeting with an editor from the Korea JoongAng Daily, Malina Fairchild, and get some feedback on our drafts. I wish we had more one-on-one meetings

with the reporters and editors to get a more detailed look into their daily lives and get some advice, but considering the COVID limitations, it was understandable.

I would recommend this program to students who are interested in journalism and media because it's a great way to learn about the basics of journalism and hear feedback from professional journalists."

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