Mason Korea’s English Faculty Brings Expertise to Songdo Global Lifelong Learning Center

picMason Korea is the first university at the Incheon Global Campus to collaborate with the newly established Songdo Global Lifelong Learning Center. Alice Wrigglesworth, Assistant Professor of English, is our pioneer faculty member to teach at the Center.

She enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity when approached by Jeannie Choi, Manager of Community Relations, who saw the high demand for business English at the Center. Wrigglesworth taught her first six-week Business English course last summer, covering topics such as organizational culture, telephone English, presentation skills, and professional writing. 

Currently, she is teaching her second course called Journal Writing in English, designed to introduce students to three types of journal writing in English: directed, reflective, and narrative. The course is being taught online this time due to tighter COVID restrictions. Nonetheless, student performance remains high. “During our first class, students wrote about a snippet in time they recall from a past journey—back when we could all travel to places—or their childhood, since we all had one,” Wrigglesworth said. “Some really great writing came out of this class!” The students come from diverse professional and educational backgrounds and age groups. Some join the online class from work, while others call in from home.  

For Wrigglesworth, who is an active member of Mason Korea and often among the first to volunteer for community engagement activities, teaching at the Center has opened a new door for interaction with the local community. “Without a doubt, the students have been the highlight of my teaching experience with the Center,” she said. “Through these classes, I have been able to meet people in our community that I would otherwise likely never have met. They have made the experience an enriching and rewarding one!”

Incheon City’s Yeonsu district opened the Songdo Global Lifelong Learning Center in June 2020 to provide diverse global lifelong education programs for local residents. The Center is located at the Incheon Global Campus (IGC), the global education hub that is also home to Mason Korea.