Mason Korea Holds Spring 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Mason Korea held its Spring 2021 Graduation Ceremony last Friday—the first in-person graduation ceremony since the pandemic outbreak. The ceremony, which was simultaneously broadcasted live, allowed graduates to celebrate with some of their family and faculty members. A total of 28 graduates earned their bachelor’s degree this semester.


Dr. Gregory Washington, President of George Mason University, congratulated the graduating class in a video message. “You have earned a degree from George Mason University, one of the top research universities in the world. At the same time, you gained valuable experience living and learning in two thriving international cities and in two influential cultures. You are prepared to succeed in the global marketplace and achieve great personal, career, and family success wherever you go.”


"Mason Korea actively engages with the U.S. campus to allow students to develop a global perspective while in Korea," said Dr. Robert Matz, Campus Dean of Mason Korea. "We look forward to watching our graduates chase big dreams in the global stage."

“This ceremony is a testament to the fact that we are now prepared to begin our new journey to achieve our life purpose,” said Min Jeong Shin (Conflict Analysis and Resolution, ’21), student speaker. “My time at George Mason University has been the most impactful time of my life. I am confident that the lessons I learned at each stage, from academics to all of my unique student experiences, will help me get through to the next stage in life.”


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