Professor Eunmee Lee Lectures at Chungcheongbuk-do International Education Institute

photoDr. Eunmee Lee, a member of Mason Korea's English for Academic Purposes faculty, gave a lecture titled “Why Questions Matter” at the Fall Conference for Middle and Secondary School Teachers held at the Chungcheongbuk-do International Education Institute in Cheongju City last month.

To illustrate the importance of questioning, Dr. Lee showed video clips of hesitant professionals losing out on opportunities to ask questions in an international context. She then guided participants to openly discuss how teachers can facilitate the ‘questioning culture’ in daily classroom activities.

“It’s true that students sometimes ask somewhat silly questions in class, but we need to be more generous and tolerant towards these questions because that is the process of learning how to ask effective questions,” said Dr. Lee, adding, “Have we spent enough time encouraging our children and students to practice questioning in their daily lives and classroom activities? Let’s start by allowing students to practice how to ask questions in class.”

Dr. Lee plans to continue reaching out to local teacher education programs to raise awareness on the importance of questioning skills in interpersonal and intercultural settings.