Mason Korea Senior Lands Job at Top Accounting Firm in the US

An International Student's Journey to Deloitte US

photoAmbrose (Do Hyun) Lee, a senior majoring in business with a concentration in accounting, was recently offered a full-time position at Deloitte US pending graduation. He will be studying at the Fairfax campus next spring as part of Mason Korea’s undergraduate program and graduating in December 2022 in Fairfax.

Upon graduation, Lee will be joining Deloitte at the McLean, Virginia office to work in their Audit & Assurance practice where he will be performing external audit of publicly listed companies that are in the Washington metropolitan area. “Deloitte has a diverse clientele with clients in so many different industries and I’m excited for the opportunity to learn about the different issues that clients in different industries encounter,” he said.

All Big 4 recruitment activities were held online this year due to the pandemic and Lee attended every single event—close to 30—from Korea. “I attended every event even if I had to stay up until 3 A.M. or wake up at 5 A.M.,” said Lee. He made sure his resume was reviewed by Mason Korea’s Career Development Center (CDC), his professors, and a career consultant at the Incheon Global Campus career fair. He also sought interview tips from his professors and did mock interviews with his brother before interviewing with two of the Big 4 accounting firms. “Because of all the help I received from everybody at Mason Korea, I went into the interviews ready and confident!”

Lee credits his Mason Korea experience for his career readiness. “I cannot stress enough how much Mason Korea has molded me to become a multi-faceted student ready for a career in the US,” he said, adding, “The communication and English classes helped me become a better communicator and writer. The businesses classes taught me about the various fields of business and also equipped me for a career at one of the Big Four firms.” He also consulted many different people in the Mason Korea community for career advice, including Kelley Chung, Associate Dean of Admissions and Government Affairs, Sangyong Lee, Director of the CDC, and Professor Kimberlie Fair, a business faculty member.

Lee is passionate about inspiring fellow Patriots, especially fellow international students who are seeking employment opportunities in the US. “While the process can be disheartening at times, it was during those times that I sat down to talk with my professors who have been my cheerleaders,” he said, adding, “I want to encourage students to absorb every class and also to reach out first! Everybody at Mason Korea is more than happy to help students, but it is up to the students to approach them and ask for help. Alumni who have gone through similar experiences as me have also been tremendously kind, and now I hope to pay it forward and help other Mason Korea students seeking employment in the US. Never give up and never cease to strive for excellence and doors will open for you!”

For more information about Mason Korea’s Career Development Center (CDC), please click here