Six Mason US Students Intern at Mason Korea This Fall

The Korean major at Mason has been gaining rapid popularity since its launch in 2019. Mason Korea provides a great opportunity for Korean majors to hone their Korean skills through internship opportunities. This fall, six students from George Mason University’s Fairfax campus and one student from the Korea campus took KOREAN 490 (Internship in Korean Studies) with Professor Hyang Lee while interning at offices across Mason Korea.

Three Interns at the Industrial-University Collaboration Foundation (IUCF)

photoJaxon Myers and Nathan Walton are both foreign language majors from Mason’s Fairfax campus who interned at Mason Korea’s IUCF this fall. 

Choyeong Kim, a junior at Mason Korea, also interned at IUCF. As a native Korean, she enjoyed helping her co-interns with their Korean skills. The three students worked closely together and became good friends throughout the semester.

“My Korean vocabulary expanded through the translation projects I worked on. I also learned more about the behind-the-scenes work that takes place at a university. Being in Korea has been a nice change of scenery after spending over a year at home with my parents due to COVID.” – Jaxon Myers (senior, foreign language major with Korean concentration)

“I learned that I should never be afraid to ask questions. I also enjoyed getting to know other students at Mason Korea and being able to get around Korea with relative ease.” – Nathan Walton (senior, foreign language major with Korean/Chinese concentrations)

“I learned a lot about university administration. But I would say my favorite part was building relationships with my co-interns from the US campus. I’m proud of them for improving their Korean skills during their time here!” – Choyeong Kim (junior, global affairs major) 

Interns at Different Departments in Mason Korea

Interns at Mason Korea(From Top Left) Jennifers Great, Jaxon Mayers, Nathan Walton, Shaneen Briscoe, Choyeong Kim,
Shea Pearson, Lexie Robinson

Shaneen Briscoe 

Senior (foreign languages major with concentrations in Korean and Chinese)
Internship: Office of Admissions & Enrollment

“I have learned to be more patient with myself and that it is okay to make mistakes when it comes to improving my language skills along with public speaking. The highlight of my experience has been working with the A&E team and being able to assist even if it was a small help.”

Jennifers Great

Freshman (integrative studies major with a concentration in life sciences)
Internship: Career Development Center (CDC)

“My Korean language skills improved because of my translation work as a CDC intern. My time at Mason Korea has been memorable because of the meaningful connections I made with new friends here. I grew and became more confident in myself thanks to their constant support.”

Lexie Robinson

5th year (neuroscience major and Korean studies minor)
Internship: PACSC Asia

“My internship has taught me that international conflict is very delicate and my academic vocabulary has improved. The highlight of my Mason Korea experience was visiting Jeju with the friends I've made here. It is an absolutely beautiful place and I'm so glad I could share the experience with my friends.”

Shea Pearson

Senior (foreign languages major)
Internship: Office of Student Affairs

“I have learned more than I expected at my internship including time management skills and upgraded Korean skills. The best part of my time here has been the international and Korean friends I made here both at Mason Korea and other IGC schools.”


Student Interns and Prof. LeeAll seven students with Prof. Hyang Lee