Mason Korea Professor Edgar Endress’ Artwork on Display at Art Paris 2022

imageProfessor Edgar Endress, an art professor at George Mason University, is a new faculty member at Mason Korea this spring. He is teaching AVT 390 (Video Art), AVT 180 (Introduction to Digital Art), and AVT 104 (Introduction to 2D Design and Color) as part of the Computer Game Design program at Mason Korea.

Professor Endress’ research and art production deal with media art forms and experiments in interactivity. His work focuses on social issues, particularly related to the Andes region of South America and the Caribbean. 

“With my research, I attempt to develop a platform to question notions of representation and forms of dominance and resistance through the methodology of art making,” said Professor Endress, adding, “In my work, I integrate aspects of contemporary critical discussion about the art practice, particularly with non-western manifestations that include popular culture, carnival, and indigenous perspectives and postcolonial theory.”

Professor Endress’ recent art projects will be featured at prominent venues this year. His project titled “Things we Lost in the Fire/Ledger” will be on display at Art Paris 2022 at the Grand Paris Éphémère in April.



“Taxonomy of Breathing” is featured in the anniversary issue of ARTMargins (MIT Press).