Mason Korea Holds Spring 2022 In-Person Graduation Ceremony with Provost Ginsberg

Mason Korea Holds Spring 2022 In-Person Graduation Ceremony with Provost Ginsberg

Mason Korea held its first fully in-person graduation ceremony since the pandemic to celebrate the Spring 2022 graduating class. George Mason’s Provost and Executive Vice President Dr. Mark Ginsberg also congratulated the graduates in person at the ceremony. 

Forty-seven Mason Korea students graduated this spring. Of those, about 40 attended one of the graduation ceremonies at Mason's Fairfax campus after finishing their time of study there.

image“I am honored to visit the Mason Korea campus and participate in today’s graduation ceremony,” said Dr. Mark Ginsberg, Provost and Executive Vice President of George Mason University. “For all of you, it is also my hope that today is the beginning of your life-long pursuit of knowledge and your unwavering and unending commitment to learning, growing, and continuing your personal and professional development.”

Eight graduates participated in the Mason Korea graduation celebration, including two students from the Fairfax campus. Over 100 people came to celebrate the graduates, including family, friends, faculty, staff, fellow students, and members of the wider Incheon Global Campus (IGC) community. 

“I am proud to say that each of these eight graduates has not only excelled academically—collectively these eight students have been on the Dean’s List 36 times—but they have also each contributed meaningfully to the shared life of our community, both at Mason and regionally,” said Dr. Robert Matz, Campus Dean of Mason Korea. Dean Matz highlighted each of the eight graduate's accomplishments. 

“During my time at Mason, my English skills improved dramatically and I was able to obtain a high-quality global education,” said student speaker Soo Ah Lim (Global Affairs, ’22). “I hope you take some time to remember how much you’ve grown the last few years and remember your Mason journey whenever you have moments of doubt in the future,” she added.

Dr. Pyung Ryun Yu (Chairman of IGC), Mr. Ray Chetti (CEO of XAI Land), and Mr. Daniel Sherr (US Attorney at Kim Chang Lee) also delivered congratulatory remarks at the ceremony.


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