Mason Korea Graduates Continue to Thrive Despite Pandemic

Mason Korea returned to fully in-person classes this spring after enduring online and hybrid classes for over two years. Students continued to excel despite the constant changes with continued support from the University, including faculty, staff, fellow students, and a wealth of resources and services. 

In particular, Mason Korea boosted its career services to support students during these unprecedented times. Over the last two years, Mason Korea’s Career Development Center (CDC) provided a full range of career services from virtual career counseling sessions and virtual internships to Metaverse career fairs.


As of Spring 2022, Mason Korea graduates have landed competitive jobs at all of the Big Four firms, international organizations, and major multinational corporations. Students have also advanced to top graduate programs.



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“I’m extremely proud of Mason Korea students for overcoming these difficult, unexpected times and for striving to achieve their career goals,” said CDC Director Sangyong Lee, adding, “Students are our greatest strength.”

The CDC has been offering a growing number of internship opportunities for students, including credit-bearing internships that match students directly with CDC partner companies. This program allows students to gain work experience while also earning academic credits.

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“For-credit internships provide a great opportunity, especially for full-time students, to gain practical work experience related to their major and make post-graduation plans,” said Choyeong Kim (rising senior, PR & Communications intern at The Bridge International in Spring ’22). “Through my internship, I was able to work in the interdisciplinary areas of security and conflict resolution, which contributed to my decision to pursue graduate studies to learn more about these fields,” she added.

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