Four Student Leaders Represent Mason Korea in Fairfax

Four Student Leaders Represent Mason Korea in Fairfax

Four student leaders have been representing the Mason Korea student body at the Fairfax campus this fall.

Jenny Hyunhui Kim, Choyeong Kim, Yuhyun Sihn, and Jaehoon Rhie are the official Mason Korea Student Ambassadors who have been working with the University Life Office to serve as liaisons between the University and Mason Korea students studying at the Fairfax campus.

“There are so many resources available at the Fairfax campus that I wish I had known about earlier, such as success coaching,” said Jenny Hyunhui Kim. “Success coaching has been key since I am graduating this semester. CAP service for counseling and career services are great resources too. Students should do some research before coming here,” she added.

Kim currently also works as Video Producer & Engagement Specialist at the University Life Office where she is working on creating videos to showcase Mason Korea students’ lives at the US campus.

“I was worried about my English communication skills when I came to Fairfax, but it hasn’t been an issue at all,” said Choyeong Kim. “My professors and everyone here have been so warm, kind, and very welcoming. I’m actually taking a soccer class and I invited my classmates over for Korean BBQ.”