Mason Korea English Professor Joins International Milton Symposium Standing Committee

This summer, Dr. Hyunyoung Cho, a founding faculty member of Mason Korea, assumed her role as a member of the International Milton Symposium (IMS) Standing Committee.

The IMS is a gathering of international scholars of Milton, renowned for his epic poem, Paradise Lost. Bringing together preeminent scholars from around the globe, the IMS facilitates the global exchange of current scholarship in the field. This year's conference was hosted by the Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies at the University of Toronto. 

“I am deeply honored to serve on this committee along with the leading scholars of the early modern English studies,” said Cho, an expert in early modern British literature. “I look forward to sharing our ongoing efforts to expand the readership of Milton in Korea, including Mason Korea’s first Marathon Reading of Paradise Lost this past spring. While written over three hundred years ago, Milton’s epic poetry still speaks to us, posing important questions for us all."

Cho highly enjoys reading the poem with Mason Korea students and her proposal, which focuses on her experience teaching Milton to multilingual writers at Mason Korea, was accepted for the Milton Society of America round table at next spring’s Renaissance Society of America conference.