Mason Korea Senior Achieves Fitness Milestone with Strong Community Support

Injun Hwang, a senior majoring in accounting, dedicated the first half of the year to pursuing his passion for fitness as he prepared for the World Natural Grand Prix Bodybuilding Games, held in Korea during the summer.

"This journey was nothing short of intense, but my determination to push through while continuing my studies kept me going," remarked Hwang, who recently completed his mandatory military service. "This unwavering mindset carried me through assignments and exams as well as my training sessions," he added.

Hwang juggled three part-time jobs to fund his training sessions, gym fees, and competition expenses. He was able to stick to a daily routine in preparation for the competition with the support of his community.

"I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Mason community," he acknowledged. "I am deeply thankful to my friends who joined me for early morning workouts, provided me with nourishing meals, served as study partners, and kept my motivation levels high throughout this transformative journey."

Hwang also expressed his appreciation for his professors, highlighting their influential roles in his academic and personal development. "I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Professor Deborah Kwak, whose SOCI 101 class introduced me to 'The Mundanity of Excellence' and instilled confidence in me," he stated. "Professor Gyu Tag Lee's advice to pursue my passions left a lasting impression, and Professor Jenny Lee's nurturing guidance for accounting students proved to be immensely valuable," he continued.

In July, John participated in two editions of the World Natural Grand Prix Bodybuilding Games, securing an impressive fifth place finish in both competitions.

"My family and the Mason community played pivotal roles in helping me achieve this feat," Hwang emphasized. "My story serves as a testament that, regardless of your circumstances, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to."