Mason Korea Student Club Leads Green Partnership

The MK Green Patriots (MKGP), a student organization dedicated to promoting a sustainable campus, have been working tirelessly this year to establish a meaningful partnership with TNG Lab, a global startup specializing in cutting-edge green wall technology. 

Yoonseo Cho, a junior majoring in global affairs and former president of MKGP, shared her vision for a sustainable green campus led by students, which she has been pursuing since joining the organization last fall. She explained her inspiration, saying, "When I came up with the idea of creating an indoor garden, I discovered TNG Lab, conveniently located at the IGC Multicomplex Building." 

TNG Lab's innovative green walls are designed to purify indoor air quality, reduce noise, enhance attention and mental well-being. Cho, who now serves as the treasurer of MK Green Patriots, took the initiative to reach out to TNG Lab's CEO, forging a connection between the student club and the startup.

"My goal was to promote sustainable interior design at Mason Korea by bringing the beauty of nature indoors and enhancing the overall wellness of the campus community," said Cho. 

This spring, MKGP received the Best Registered Student Organization (RSO) Award,  further fueling their determination to make a positive impact on the student body. This determination culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TNG Lab, made possible through the generous contributions and support of Youngju Kim, CEO of TNG LAB. 

As a symbol of their partnership, MKGP received a "green wall plant" from CEO Kim. In addition, all Mason Korea students and employees can now enjoy a 10% discount on organic foods at Eats Nature, a planterior organic café on campus operated by TNG LAB. Further, students also have access to the facilities at Eats Nature and the opportunity to partake in an internship program offered by TNG Lab.

Students involved in MKGP have also had the privilege of connecting with experts in the field of sustainability. "Now, as an intern at the Green Climate Fund HQ in Songdo, I get to witness these experts' insights firsthand, which has fueled my desire to pursue a career in environmental conservation,” said Yoonseo Cho.