For Korea campus

June 10, 2020

Dear George Mason Community, 

We are already beginning our preparations for the safe opening of campus for the Fall 2020 semester and are looking forward to the return of students to our campus, conditions at that time permitting. 

I want to take this opportunity to assure our community that all of this planning is to make this return to campus as safe as possible.  Measures include:

  • Adjusting maximum room capacities to limit each room to the number of students that can be spaced 2 meters (around 6 feet) apart.  
  • Ensuring recommended room ventilation.  
  • Supplying disinfectant wipes to clean classroom work surfaces and seating. 
  • Requiring faculty and students to wear a mask or face shield during class time.  
  • Taking everyone’s temperature upon entrance to the Mason Korea building. 
  • Requiring anyone experiencing possible symptoms of covid-19 to leave the building and not return until cleared to do so by health authorities.  
  • Placing in strict two-week quarantine all arrivals from overseas.

Regarding this last item, I want to note in particular to the international nature of our community.  During this time, there is an understandable concern about introducing new populations into any region, especially from regions where the covid-19 virus is under less control than it is in Korea. For that reason, the Korean government has put measures in place, including the two-week quarantine, required self-monitoring, and covid-19 airport testing, intended precisely to make sure that any new cases from abroad are identified before they can be spread. 

An international community lies at the very core of a global campus such as Mason Korea.  We know, moreover, that what makes the most difference in stopping the spread of the covid-19 is not identifying risky people, but risky behaviors.  We all can help reduce that risk by following the disease prevention guidelines established by Korean governmental authorities and implemented by Mason Korea. 

I look forward to our planned return to a face-to-face campus in the fall, and hope you do as well. 



Robert Matz

Campus Dean