For Korea Campus

July 9, 2021

Dear Mason Community,

In accordance with the move of the Seoul metropolitan area to social distancing level 4, Mason Korea will be taking steps to lower the density of people in the Mason Korea building. These changes will begin Monday July 12.


We will ask staff, except for a few staff whose duties necessitate their presence in the building, to begin a pattern of alternate teleworking. Alternate teleworking means that you will alternate days in the building and days teleworking.  We will manage these telework schedules so that people who share offices are not in offices together on the same day, and so that where there are staff with overlapping duties, there is at least one of those staff on campus. Your unit heads will soon be contacting you with plans for this teleworking schedule.  If you are already teleworking, we can work that into the schedule.

When you are teleworking, please be sure to forward calls from your office to your home number and have your VPN operational so that you can log into the shared drive. Further Information to help employees stay connected with workplace is available at Working Remotely: A Guide to Maintaining Continuity.

While in the building, please do not congregate in the hallways or in suites and offices, and always wear your mask.


Because of the increased circulation of the covid virus in our communities, and the new social distancing level, we must move all classes online.

If you are teaching summer school, please contact your classes as soon as possible with instructions for how class will proceed online. We know that this sudden transition is very challenging, but we must do it in the interest of safety. We hope that your experience over the last year will help you in this transition. Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs Shannon Davis will soon be in touch with faculty teaching summer school to provide advice and suggestions for support on making this pivot.

Faculty who are not teaching but wish to use their offices may.  However, they should go straight to their offices and remain in them.  Please do not congregate in the hallways or suites, or have anyone else in your office, and always wear your mask.


Students should not be in the Mason Korea building.  Student interns will receive instructions from their supervisors for teleworking.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation.  The social distancing level is set to last for two weeks, though we do not know if it will be extended.  We ask for your patience and cooperation during this period. It is dispiriting to have to make these changes now.  But at least from past experience we know much better how to continue to succeed under these sorts of conditions.


Stay safe and well,


Robert Matz

Campus Dean


Check out 'Campus Dean's Message for Instructional Mode for the Fall 2021'

(Update : 21-07-19)