For Korea Campus

November 05, 2021

Dear Mason Korea community, 

I write to inform you of the results of our survey of student preference regarding instructional mode for the rest of the semester. The response rate for the survey was strong. 76% of students enrolled this fall completed the survey. While opinion was divided, the overall result is that a majority of students wish to have their classes remain online for the rest of the semester.  

As a reminder, the survey asked students to label their preference for instructional mode on a scale from 0 to 10. The number 0 indicated the strongest desire to return to in-person instruction, while the number 10 indicated the strongest desire to remain online, with 5 being neutral. Of all responses, the average number was 8.05, indicating a strong desire to remain online. 

Given both student preference and Mason Korea leadership's own assessment of the opportunities and challenges of returning to in-person instruction for the remainder of the fall semester, we have decided that we will remain online through the rest of the Fall 2021 semester, as originally planned. We will use the remainder of the fall semester to ensure we are prepared for the in-person classes that will occur on our campus in Spring 2022. 

Though classes will remain online, faculty are available during office hours and for individual appointments. Students are strongly encouraged to continue to use those opportunities to connect with their faculty members throughout the remainder of the semester. 

We are excited we will be back in person Spring 2022! We look forward to seeing everyone in our hallways, offices, and classrooms. In the meantime, we have new guidelines that allow us to have larger student groups and more in-person events. Let’s enjoy these new opportunities this semester, while remaining vigilant about the transmission of COVID-19. 



Robert Matz

Campus Dean

George Mason University Korea