Fairfax Business Faculty

Hear what they have to say about Mason Korea

When you spend your year on the Fairfax campus, you will have an opportunity to study with many more faculty members of the business school in Fairfax. Here are a few of these faculty and their thoughts about George Mason University, Korea.


I enjoyed learning from, and with the students, staff, and faculty at Mason Korea. The student’s commitment to their personal and professional goals made it a fulfilling and memorable experience. I was able to incorporate some of the history and culture of Songdo into my courses which made me feel a part of the community and increased my connections with students. I highly recommend students and faculty spending time at the Mason Korea campus. — Cameron Harris

Cameron Harris

Cameron Harris has an MS in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Indiana University. He joined George Mason in fall 2015. He has worked in higher education for seven years in a variety of roles including instructor, assistant director of leadership and professional development, and student development specialist. Prior to pursuing a career in higher education, Harris worked for the federal government as an HR administrator.



The Mason Korea campus strengthens our global presence. We are well-known in South Korea now. Our Fairfax students have an opportunity to experience a new culture in a safe environment and without needing to master a second language -- yet having the opportunity to learn one. Our Korean students are able to highlight on their resumes that they attended a large and well-respected U.S. university. They also greatly strengthen their English speaking skills during their years at both campuses -- another huge boost to their international resumes. — Karen Kitching

Karen KitchingKaren Kitching is Associate Professor of Accounting and the Accounting Advisory Council faculty fellow. She has her PhD from the George Washington University. Prior to her academic career, Dr. Kitching worked in industry as an accountant and as a database administrator. She currently teaches courses in accounting analytics in the undergraduate and masters programs. Dr. Kitching has led three graduate global residencies and taught at the Mason Korea campus. A Certified Public Accountant with a license in Virginia, Dr. Kitching's main research interest is in nonprofit governance, performance measurement, financial accounting, and audit markets. She serves on the advisory boards of two journals in accounting, and has has published in Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Journal of Government and Nonprofit Accounting, Accounting Horizons, International Journal of Accounting, and Current Issues in Auditing.

Teaching the course Global Environment of Business at Mason Korea last spring was the experience of a lifetime. Korean students, who quickly transitioned to a synchronous online version of the instruction as the pandemic hit, were some of the most dedicated and capable learners I have encountered during my 20 years of teaching. I can't wait to meet those who come to Mason Fairfax in person and would gladly return to Korea if the opportunity arose. — Anne Lauer

Anne Lauer

Anne Lauer holds an MSM in Marketing from the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. She teaches Business and Society and the Global Environment of Business. Before coming to Mason, she held positions in foreign affairs in the U.S. government, living in Southern Africa and working later in Northeast Asia. She has taught an undergraduate course at the University of Maryland on international perceptions of quality, a number of marketing courses at the graduate level at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and a variety of seminars for adult learners in the U.S. government.