Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration

Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) is the business function devoted to the management of resources and processes used by a firm to produce goods or services. Students with an OSCM concentration learn how to perform strategic and tactical planning, enabling them to efficiently and effectively manage the activities involved in transforming organizational resources into customer value. OSCM students acquire modeling, business analytics, and information technology skills for addressing a range of business problems. OSCM knowledge and skills are applicable to every business, spanning services, manufacturing, consulting, public sector (including government contracting), and not- for- ­profit organizations. The OSCM concentration is designed to prepare students for a career in the areas of: Supply Chain Management, Government Contracting (including procurement, logistics, and distribution), Project Management, Quality Management, Socially Responsible Operations, Product and Services Design, Process Analysis and Design, and, Planning and Control of Operations.


All students have opportunities to

  • conduct independent research
  • engage in globally-related activities through coursework and language study at Mason and abroad
  • participate in many forms of public service
  • prepare for their future careers through internships, career-focused minors and other college-to-career activities