Mason Korea Launches Global Campus Program for Incheon Citizen Life College

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Mason Korea Launches Global Campus Program for Incheon Citizen Life College

Mason Korea partnered with the Incheon government and fellow universities at the Incheon Global Campus (IGC) to launch a Global Campus program for the newly established Incheon Citizen Life College. To celebrate the program’s launch, Mason Korea held an opening ceremony at its Global Lounge yesterday in partnership with SUNY Korea and the University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC).

The Global Campus program offers a range of academic courses by faculty experts of various fields. Three Mason Korea faculty will be teaching the following courses: “Why Koreans have a hard time asking questions” by Academic Resource Center Director and EAP professor Dr. Eunmee Lee, “Economics for global citizens” by economics professor Dr. Moon Joon Kim, and “Understanding Globalization” by global affairs professor Dr. Ji Hye Lim.

With an 180% registration rate from day one, the courses were in high demand. The Incheon citizens newly enrolled in the courses come from diverse backgrounds with their ages ranging from 22 to 70.

“Mason Korea is dedicated to contributing to the local community,” remarked Mason Korea Campus Dean Robert Matz in his welcoming address. “George Mason University is named for one of the founding fathers of the United States, who sought power from the educated public.” “Through Incheon Citizen Life College, Mason Korea will fully support Incheon citizens' freedom and learning, and facilitate communication with the local community.”

Mr. Wollyong Kim (Director of Incheon Institute for Talent and Lifelong Education), Mr. Byungyoon Yu (IGC Chairman), Dr. Jongil Lee (SUNY Korea), and Dr. Gregory Hill (CAO of UAC) also gave congratulatory remarks. Over 50 people attended the ceremony including Mason Korea faculty and staff, IGC partners, and new students of the Global Campus program.

Incheon Citizen Life College is the first “citizens’ university” in the country and is run by the Incheon Institute for Talent and Lifelong Education. The College is composed of eight different universities that will be offering honorary degrees to grant lifelong learning opportunities for Incheon citizens.

All Incheon Citizen Life College lectures are free and students can use facilities such as libraries and swimming pools on each university campus. The College also offers classes by famous lecturers, invitations to events, and customized education for citizens.

Dr. Eunmee Lee, who spearheaded the project at Mason Korea, is thrilled about the new opportunities this program presents. “I am delighted to be teaching a course at the Incheon Citizen Life College for Incheon citizens,” she said, adding, “We will do our best to provide civic education so that Incheon citizens can display their skills on the international stage without limitations.”

Mason Korea’s Global Campus courses commenced along with the opening ceremony, beginning with Dr. Jihye Lim’s global affairs course.


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