Mason Korea Faculty Teach Local Citizens for Incheon Citizen Life College Program

Mason Korea Faculty Teach Local Citizens for Incheon Citizen Life College Program

Four Mason Korea faculty members taught the inaugural semester of Mason Korea's Global Campus program for the Incheon Citizen Life College this spring and summer.

Four Mason Korea faculty taught the interactive tuition-free classes that are open to Incheon residents. Dr. Jihye Lim taught "Introduction to Globalization," Dr. Moon Joon Kim, "Economics for Global Citizens," Dr. Eunmee Lee, "Why Questions Matter," and Dr. Yingji Jin, "Chinese Language and Culture I." 

The first cohort consisted of Incheon residents ranging from teenagers to senior citizens. Several students mentioned that they didn't have high expectations for the free classes, but that their learning experience was priceless.

“I thought I was too young to join this class, but I gained self-confidence through the class activities," said a teenage student, adding, "I've learned how to make friends with adults and I've grown from this experience."

“Even though China is a neighboring country, it always felt distant," said another student. "But thanks to Dr. Jin’s class, China feels a lot closer,” said another student. 

imageLikewise, faculty were also inspired by the students. “My message to our Incheon citizen students is that you are never too young or too old to learn and grow with Mason Korea,” said Dr. Eunmee Lee, a professor of English for Academic Purposes and Program Director of the Incheon Citizen Life College program at Mason Korea. 

“I've never seen such passionate students eager to learn something other than the expertise they've built up in their lifetime,” said economics professor Dr. Moon Joon Kim.

"I was impressed by the students—⁠they helped broaden my perspective through our discussions on global issues," said global affairs professor Dr. Jihye Lim. 

“I should thank the students for being so passionate and supportive during class,” said Dr. Yingji Jin, a professor of modern and classical languages.  image

Mason Korea will continue running the program in the fall with two additional courses: "Language and Culture Reflected in the Text" by Dr. Eunhee Seo and "K-pop Art and Its Impact" by Dr. Gyu Tag Lee. A fieldtrip to Namjune Paik Art Center and an open event for English Communication Skills are also scheduled for the fall.  

To celebrate the end of the first semester of the program, students and faculty gathered for a Completion Ceremony at the start of August. The ceremony concluded with Dr. Yingji Jin and her class singing a Chinese song called “The Moon Represents My Heart" to celebrate the end of their ten-hour course.


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