Mason Korea Welcomes Record Largest New Class at Spring Convocation


Mason Korea welcomed its largest new class to date at the Spring 2023 New Student Convocation held at the Incheon Global Campus Auditorium yesterday.

About 200 people joined the celebration, including Mason Korea’s senior leadership, new and returning students, parents, faculty, and staff. The convocation ceremony was held without masks for the first time in three years with the easing of Korea’s mask mandate.

23 convo

"This spring we welcome our biggest class in the history of Mason Korea, nearly 200 new students,” remarked Mason Korea Campus Dean Robert Matz, also noting a record number of students studying at Mason Korea from Mason's US campuses, over 80. He added that Mason this spring was also welcoming 9 new full-time faculty, the largest number Mason Korea has ever hired in a single semester.

In his convocation address, Matz noted that the new semester was special to him because he is taking a campus Korean class and hence for the first time he would also be a student at Mason Korea. He reminded students that Mason seeks to cultivate in its graduates a passion for lifelong learning. This goal, he said, "is more than idealistic. It is completely practical. We should never stop learning new things because we will never stop facing new challenges."

The campus' enrollment has continuously increased since its opening in 2014, with a record breaking 193 new students this spring, up 45% from last year. One reason for this increase: Mason Korea has joined Uway Apply, a Korean online university application system. The system not only provides another way for students to submit applications, but also allows Mason Korea to recognize English scores on Korea's College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) for the purposes of admission to Mason Korea.

23 convo

"Mason’s Korea and US admissions offices have been working closely together to find some of the best students in Korea and we’ve seen great outcomes as a result of that," said Kelley E. Chung, Associate Dean for Admissions and Government Affairs at Mason Korea. "We’re committed to providing more opportunities for Korean students to become well-rounded global leaders," she added. David Burge, Mason’s Vice President of Enrollment Management, also welcomed new students in a video message.

23 convo

“Mason Korea has, without a doubt, been one of the most welcoming and diverse communities I have had the chance to be in,” said student speaker Hyunwoo Jo, who serves as Mason Korea’s Student Government President. “Never settle and make the most of the opportunities given to you,” he implored, adding, “One of the greatest benefits of being part of a growing campus that is part of a large, global institution is the number of opportunities before you." 


Guest speaker Stephen Park, Founder and CEO of global media platform Asian Boss, stressed how bright Mason Korea students are, recalling his experiences working with Mason Korea student organization Asian Boss Next over the last few years. He also urged students to take advantage of their university years, stating that college is the best time to try new things and make mistakes in a safe environment.

Mason Korea Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Shannon Davis, and incoming Associate Dean for University Life, Angela Kang, also welcomed students and encouraged them to get involved in activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

The ceremony concluded with performances by student dance group NEMESIS and student band SKETCH.

Watch a recap of the ceremony in the video below.