Mason Korea International Students Explore Local Island

Mason Korea International Students Explore Local Island

A team of international students from Mason Korea recently embarked on an educational excursion to Gyodong-do Island in Incheon's Ganghwa county. 

The one-day program, sponsored by the Incheon City Office of Education and the Incheon Nanjeong Peace Education Institute in Ganghwa Island, aimed to deepen students' understanding of the island's historical significance.

During the excursion, participants delved into Gyodong-do's history, discovering the remarkable stories of North Koreans who sought sanctuary on the island following the Korean War. Students explored underground bunkers and an alley market called Daeryong Market created by North Koreans. 

The Peace Education Excursion, organized by Mason Korea's Office of University Life, left a lasting impression on all participants, serving as a powerful reminder of the profound importance of peace. 

“I strongly believe that, through programs like this, students can gain valuable learning experiences even outside the classroom,” said Wonseok Park, Asst. Manager of International and Residential Services at Mason Korea. “Offering educational and cultural excursions provides them with opportunities to explore and broaden their horizons. University Life is committed to organizing such events for the Mason community and the IGC community as well.”