Mason Korea Recognizes Faculty Contribution to Student Life

by Madison Sailakkham

Mason Korea Recognizes Faculty Contribution to Student Life

College isn't just about academics, but the overall university life experience. Mason Korea’s recent Spring 2023 Celebration of Achievement ceremony acknowledged the importance of a well-rounded university experience. The celebration not only recognized students' achievements, but also acknowledged a faculty member’s contribution to student life.

Professor Claude Drolet, who teaches communication and serves as the faculty chair at Mason Korea, received the RSO Advisor of the Semester award for serving The Voice of Mason Korea, Mason Korea’s oldest Registered Student Organization (RSO).

“To receive such an award means that the students in The Voice appreciate the advice and support that I give them,” said Drolet. “My advice or input guides and encourages them to continue the work that they’re already doing, but ultimately, I didn’t do the work, the students in The Voice are the ones doing the work. I am simply the cheerleader.”

The Voice of Mason Korea is a student-run media outlet, established in 2015, that provides the campus as well as community with the latest updates on news and events. The Voice utilizes its platform to promote student journalism and connections within the community. 

When asked what The Voice means to Mason Korea, Drolet replied, “It is truly the Voice of students. It’s hard not to sound silly, but it means that students at Mason Korea can communicate what they think is important to a broader audience outside the classroom and outside the school. I think that the school can look forward to The Voice having more of an impact, working together with other RSOs to improve the school, the campus, and the community.”