KORE 321: Korean Proficiency through Visual Culture

KORE 321-K01: Korean Proficiency thru Drama
(Spring 2023)

05:00 PM to 06:15 PM MW

Mason Korea (119 Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea) G206

Section Information for Spring 2023

This course aims to foster Korean linguistic proficiency through Korean TV series, often referred to as “Korean Dramas.” In this course, students will watch the entire episodes of the TV series, “Kill Me Heal Me (2015),” to learn the real-life language and useful expressions for their daily lives as well as how the expressions are used in specific cultural contexts. As students learn about the Korean language, they will also get to learn about the Korean culture embedded in the drama.

The course also aims to train students to self-study the Korean language while being exposed to Korean visual culture. To achieve this goal, the course provides the students with various activities that promote proactive learning. Students will build a collaborative archive called “Situations!” where students create Wiki pages of expressions used in different situations. This activity will help students to use these expressions in their lives by providing the sentences along with the context. During the semester, students will also produce a Korean drama of their own as a team – students will write their own script while making use of the collaborative archive and will video record their acting after memorizing and practicing their lines. These activities will help students to foster speaking, listening, and writing skills. In class, students will learn Korean language expressions and cultural context using the video clips from each episode.

The course is aimed at students at the level of intermediate-high or low-advanced and students should have taken Korean 202 or higher to take this course. The official language of instruction is Korean.

Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Develops Intermediate-high level Korean reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills while increasing understanding of Korean culture through authentic Korean visual culture such as films, TV dramas, commercials, and music videos. Students who complete the course will gain an understanding of local and global Korean visual culture as well as acquire upper level Korean linguistic proficiency. May be repeated within the degree for a maximum 6 credits.
Recommended Prerequisite: KORE 202, appropriate placement score, or permission of instructor.
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.
Additional Course Details: Taught in Korean

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